The unapologetic,
taste of
Pilgrims Choice.

For us, taste is everything

We are all for maximum indulgence, the ultimate me moment, you won’t see us
compromising on the pleasure scale. Pilgrims Choice. Taste Matters

We are the choice for the pleasure seekers, those that deserve to be honoured in all
their cheddary glory, for they are our Taste heroes. Our new ‘Taste matters’ Campaign shines a light on you…

  • “Last Piece”
    The taste of Pilgrims Choice is just that good, it’s too irresistible! You can’t help but go back for more, even if it means a white lie to loved ones “there’s no cheesy bake left” even if there is.
  • “Nacho Cheese”
    Sharing is overrated, you’d happily sneak around to enjoy your cheesy goodness in peace.
  • “Perfect Match”
    Captures the anticipation of watching and waiting for cheddar to cook; the love and emotion felt from seeing the bubbling of the cheese under the grill or the smell of the cheese melting.
  • “Say When”
    There can never be enough cheese on my meal; putting extra cheese on food to add to the flavour and enjoyment even if that means using up the whole block, irrespective of others.
  • “Video Off”
    When you’ve been looking forward to your lunch since you finished your breakfast and nothing is going to come in the way of that moment, even if it’s your boss!